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SO HEY I bought as many trading cards with my meager amount of knuts as possible, and now I'm looking to trade! The following is the list of what I already have. The ones with numbers next to them are the ones I have multiples of and would be willing to trade.

#1 c_hrista
#3 flipflop_diva
#4 eowyn_rain
#6 queer_theory
#7 scevity
#9 holiday_reading
#10 slumber [3]
#11 endlessfighter
#12 renrenren3
#13 mmailliw
#14 bubbly [4]
#15 draconic_rogue
#16 _shaomao_
#17 kissoffools [1]
#19 lexispice [6]
#20 x____starlight
#21 etacanis
#22 nicolle_016
#24 frickkonastick
#25 tralfamadore [1]
#26 singlemomsummer
#27 facetiouss
#28 n_nanini [4]
#29 rhye [1]
#30 capeofstorm [1]
#31 maaiker [1]
#33 elusive_j [1]
#34 native_spirit [2]
#35 la_loony [2]
#36 anbyrobanby
#37 lovestyle
#40 hauntedtonight [1]
#42 iamthesea
#43 huushiita
#44 orpheous87
#46 willbetemporary
#47 crusading_soul [1]
#48 vanmeeuwe
#49 euphonious_13
#50 scarletladyy
#51 mrschucknoblet
#52 sickle_girl
#53 sanalith [1]
#54 ecchipiro [10]
#55 crazed_delusion
#56 neonhope [4]
#58 hbics
#59 nicccc
#63 burningxhope
#65 aleator
#68 samsamtastic [3]
#70 starlyss
#71 cyyt [1]
#73 vorpaleris
#75 defined
#77 thusspakekate
#88 lotrangel17
#96 tsukkomi_boke


2, 5, 8, 18, 23, 32, 38, 39, 41, 43, 45, 57, 60, 61, 62, 64, 66, 67, 69, 72, 74, 76, 78-95, 97+

Need one of my multiples? Have something not on this list? HIT ME UP, I WANNA TRADE :3
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WHO ARE YOU? A Pottermore list.

Hi guys! Here is a list of people who have me added on Pottermore that I have NO CLUE about. Do you know these people? ARE YOU one of these people?


If you recognize ANY of these names, PLEASE TELL ME WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE so that I can nickname them.

BY THE WAY, if you would like to add me, here's my username:

I'm a Hufflepuff! :)
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Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy-warty Hogwarts, teach us something pleaaaase.

I've seen a lot of people posting polls or simple text posts with the intent of talking about each others' Hogwarts houses. :3 So, in the spirit of the Deathly Hallows coming to theaters, I'd like to do the same, if y'all don't mind.

Poll #1761273 Hogwarts house?

Which Hogwarts house do I belong in?


If you have a poll or a post I haven't seen, feel free to link me and I'd be happy to return the favor! Also, of course I encourage you to be honest. :P I won't be mad, no matter what you vote. If you wanna give me reasons, feel free to in the comments!
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HELLO! I want to start keeping track of my friends' personality types, because I think it'd be interesting to see if there are any patterns (that I don't already know about) as to who I'm friends with. SO HERE! HAVE A POLL!

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But Heather, there are no ticky-boxes! I am undecided!
STOP WAFFLIN', YOU WAFFLER. LOL no seriously though. I'm just trying to get the best estimate, and I didn't want people clicking like all the options in the poll out of confusion (or to be mean :P). If you clicked one thing but really feel torn between that and something else, you are always welcome to comment here and tell me so. THAT'S RIGHT, TALK TO ME ABOUT YOURSELF!

I have no clue what *insert one of these things here* is, do I have to vote on it?
In a perfect world, I'd ask you to at least research it, but I know not everyone is as interested in personality typing as I am. That said, if you really have no interest in something on this poll list, feel free to not click any options. The poll will submit just the same. Please try to refrain from clicking something random just to click it; that skews my results.

So I don't know what I am, but I want to find out. Where can I do this?

MBTI: The people at personality cafe.org have a sticky on this test. I've also found that this test works for my friends and I.

Enneagram: IMO, your best option is just to read, rather than take tests. There's no better site out there than this one. As for the wings, this website has a general overview of all of them (just find your main type, then click on it and find the wings there)-- take em with a grain of salt, though.

Harry Potter house: A lot of people tend to link to this test, but I don't like it much. I think your best option is just to ask yourself what you value in life. The Harry Potter Wiki gives you all the presently known information here. This person on tumblr, in my opinion, has some amazing analyses on the houses as well (with bonus MBTI and zodiac tie-ins!), so you might want to read through them as well. They are just one person, though, so again- take it with a grain of salt.

Moral Alignment: You can take a test here if you like. You might benefit from reading and deciding on your own, though, since the problem with tests is a lot of the time is that we're between answers. That website has a lot of good info on it, so just check out the reading links in the side bar.

Zodiac(s): I am not the person to go to for zodiac information, lol. I have a feeling most of us know our zodiac signs by the dates, but if not-- feel free to google it. :P People who want to are free to comment with good, informative links, however.

Crap, I screwed up! How do I fix it?

Alright, so you're polling us-- what are your stats?
INFP, 9w1, Gryffindor, Gryffinpuff(claw, lol), Neutral Good, Aries, Dragon. :)

Aaaaand that's it! Like I said, feel free to comment with things! I'm leaving this public and forward-dating it several years so that it stays up top. :) KNOW ALL THE STATS! \O/